Leasing & Rentals

Contact John Allen for leasing and rental information: 1401. S. Saginaw St., Flint, MI & 3431 Wolf Rd., Saginaw, MI 48601 888-870-4203 cell: 810-342-8283

Full Maintenance Program

Whether you have a fleet or just one unit you can save time and effort by taking advantage of our full maintenance program. Our team of trained and certified service and parts employees will ensure that you have minimal downtime and repairs that are performed properly. It is your best interest and ours to ensure that all units are in peak operating condition for the full lease term.

Substitute Vehicles

Dependent upon lease options you choose, you may have replacement vehicle coverage. This allows for a replacement unit at no charge while your lease truck is in for repairs.

Tire Replacement

Tires are included in our full maintenance leases. Worn tires are replaced when needed. Damaged tires are the responsibility of the customer.

Fuel Tax Reporting

IFTA taxes are a complicated part of the business. This portion of the business we leave to the experts. We pay a fleet management company to handle this for us. You provide us with trip logs and fuel receipts and they do the rest. This cost is included in your lease.